It is never a great surprise to use your washing machine, only to know that the water has not drained yet and you still have a lot of waterlogged clothes. Such instances most likely happen at the most unexpected times. However, you can actually resolve that issue without contacting a plumber or even an appliance repair contractor. But before trying some of the tips below, makes sure to flip the breaker that controls the appliance or just unplug your washer. Here are the things you should take note of, which you have to inspect once your washer isn’t draining well.  

Drain hose 

This component carries water from the machine toward the drainage area, which is typically a laundry sink. However, it cannot do its job once it is clogged. The first thing you should do is to inspect whether the washing machine has been pushed extremely near to the wall, which can develop an obstruction. Once that does not work, try to see whether you have a clogged hose. If you cannot see an apparent clog, try disconnecting the hose and run water through it using a garden hose to remove any existing debris. 


Inspect the manufacturer’s manual for the location of the pump. Then, assess every component to guarantee that there’s no other obstruction or any debris. Wash the screen and guarantee that the fan can move freely and search for signs of leaks or cracks. 


A lot of washing machines need belts to keep the machinery running. Try to read the owner’s manual and know where the belts are placed on your specific machine. After that, inspect if the belt is broken or has slipped out of place. This is a repair that’s relatively easy to do yourself. However, you will have to have the appropriate replacement part.  


You should inspect the drain itself. Once other objects such as coins will get caught in your drain, it could make a blockage. Check if you can remove the blockage by using a plumber’s snake. Keep in mind that before you toss your laundry into the machine, make sure to check your pockets first. 

Lid switch 

A broken lid switch will not create a clicking noise while opening the lid of your washing machine and pressing it. Once it’s broken, it could be preventing your machine from draining. 

After you try the following tips and your washer is still not properly draining—or even you are not comfortable doing such repairs by yourself—it only indicates that now is the best time to contact the experts.  

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